NOTE: These videos are designed to give Buyers deeper insight into key issues around making a home purchase; and as such some can be fairly long.

Understanding the Purchase Process
Congratulations on actually getting to the position of looking to purchase your first home. That's a huge accomplishment in today's world. Do you feel ready to start the process? Feel informed and aware of what to expect? Or are you a little nervous and unsure of what's ahead? We're going to cover the nine basic steps to buying a home and I think you will see that once it's broken down… it's actually not so daunting.
Know Your TOTAL Closing Costs
If you are in the planning process to purchase a house or condominium you want to avoid any surprises around closing with regard to TOTAL closing costs. I summarize this as EVERYTHING you will have to pay to move from your old home to your new home. Keeping track of these items and updating them in a spreadsheet is the best approach to being prepared.
Important Condo-Buying Tips
Looking to purchase a condominium? This video covers 15 essential points that you really need to consider when you start your search for the perfect condo. For the first-time buyer, the process might seem confusing, and without some guidance, it certainly can be. This video gives you insight into HOW TO BUY A CONDO!
PACKED with Important Information
Owning an older home in downtown Toronto can be a wonderful experience, and a potentially significant financial asset. I've own and renovated a number of older homes in Parkdale and The Junction, including gutting two of them to the brick walls. In this video series I share with you the Top 23 things I've learn in the process. Admittedly, there's a lot of content here and although many of the comments might appear 'less than positive', it's not intended to dissuade you from buying an older home. But this information based on what I learned personally might give you some insight as to whether this really is the right type of home for you to purchase.
Pre-Sale Home Inspection Reports
Savvy sellers are taking advantage of the benefits of having a pre-inspection report as another asset when putting their home up for sale in a competitive market. This also something that more and more buyers are asking about. Let's look into the numerous advantages to offering a pre-sales inspection report when you list your property.
Decluttering Made Easy
When getting ready to move, one of the most important initial tasks you should tackle is to declutter. No doubt this can be a challenge, but when it comes to preparing for photos and showing your home in its most positive light, it is imperative that every room be neat and tidy, and that closets and cupboards are organized with space left in them, so they appear roomy as opposed to too small. These hints can make the declutter process much easier.
Property Defects - Patent vs. Latent
Buying or selling a property? This video covers the important topic of property defects and how they are addressed during the presentation and buying process. Defects fall into one of two categories, patent defect or latent. It's important that buyers and sellers are aware of the differences and that they conduct themselves properly when presenting, identifying and documenting any issues regarding property defects.


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